Biblical Worldview Training

Biblical Worldview Training

One Kingdom Director Ben Adkins with one of our Eastern Ambassadors Sanjay Darla.

Biblical Worldview Training is a vital component to mission work. In fact, in One Kingdom’s three areas of ministry, Biblical Worldview Training is the most important focal point because it’s at the root of everything we are doing and greatly impacts our other areas of ministry. Worldviews are a set of assumptions held by a person either consciously or unconsciously in faith about the basic makeup of the world and how it works. Worldviews shape a person’s development, particularly when it comes to prosperity versus poverty. How a person views the world has more impact on their development as a human being than their physical surroundings or other circumstances.
All of the different worldviews can be narrowed down into one of three types: Animism, Secularism and Biblical Theism.

In Animism, the ultimate reality is that the universe is entirely spiritual. This also means that the physical realm does not matter. The real world is unseen, and truth is hidden, leaving everything to be a mystery.
In Secularism, the physical world is the only reality. There is no spiritual. The truth is only what your senses tell you and morality is relative.The Biblical Theist views the world as both physical and spiritual. God is the creator and truth is revealed by Him and is objective. The ultimate reality for Biblical Theism is personal and relational.

At One Kingdom, we seek to fulfill the Great Commission, discipling all nations and spreading the Gospel to the World. Through our World Radio ministry, we teach the Gospel to over 100 nations, aiming to connect with people through their native languages and dialects. As we shape our World Radio Ambassador’s Biblical Worldviews, they are in turn going out and making disciples by spreading the Gospel in their own languages and in their own communities.

In the same way, you cannot glue a pear to an apple tree and call it a pear tree, you cannot change a person, much less a nation by simply changing their circumstances. The only way to grow a pear tree is if the roots are pear tree roots. Real transformation happens when you start at the root of a situation, and a person’s worldview is their root.


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