Cultural Development

Cultural Development

Students at the bible and agriculture institute in Liberia learn about the bible and about farming God’s way.

The word culture comes from the word “cult” which means worship. A culture is simply what a community worships. In other words, our culture is a reflection of the god or gods we worship. But who is influencing our culture? Typically, it starts with religion and philosophy. These intellectuals then influence art and music. From there, professionals in economics, law and politics create laws and govern as they have been influenced. But as time has gone on, religion and church, who used to be at the top of this influential cycle, has been more reactive at the bottom.

A lot of times you will see the church reacting more towards politics, wanting to change or prevent certain laws. But these laws are simply a reflection of the culture around it. The church should instead seek to influence at every level of society so the ideas that are spreading through culture are God’s truths, not man’s. At One Kingdom, we seek to spread the Gospel not only horizontally, but vertically. What this means is we are trying not only to save souls, but make disciples out of every nation. You can’t transform a nation without saving souls, but you can save souls and not transform a nation. At One Kingdom we seek to do both, God has called all of us to make disciples out of nations and teach His commands.

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