Disaster Relief and Recovery

Disaster Relief and Recovery

One Kingdom on the scene in the 2016 South Louisiana Flood

One Kingdom’s Relief ministry began back in 1980. When disaster strikes all over the world, One Kingdom provides help through all stages of relief, from first response all the way through the recovery and development stages. Throughout the process, we seek to share the Gospel and the hope that we have through Jesus Christ to disaster victims. By showing God’s love through unsolicited help at a time of a person’s deep need, doors are opened to share truth, grace, and love.

Partnering with our World Radio ministry, we have contacts all over the world, so when a disaster has happened and even when a storm or threat is imminent, we can immediately make contact and send resources to our folks who are already on the scene. We believe the church should be the face of relief work so we support local churches affected by the disaster so they can be the point of contact for victims.

With our vast reach around the world, we are able to assess each situation intimately and send the help that is needed. Not only that, we seek to develop those areas after the disaster is over. When all the media has moved on to the next breaking news story, we dig in. We strive to show disaster victims that they can get back to life as it once was, and more importantly through God’s grace and healing, they can have more fulfillment on this earth than they ever dreamed.


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