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Disaster Update

We are presently working with Grace Crossing Church of Christ in Conroe, Texas (north of Houston). At their church, they are able to stage supplies and volunteers for the relief effort. We will also be involved long-term in recovery for the Houston area through financial assistance, advice, and expertise. Additionally, we are still in the process of gathering more supplies to send them. This will be a long-term recovery so we are committed to partnering with them. They are networking with several other congregations in the Houston area. We are also working with a church in El Campo, Texas (south of Houston) for relief and recovery efforts there.

Needs have been slow reaching us in Florida, because most of the state has lost power and cell phone service. We do have a contact in Sebring, Florida who has told us that (thankfully) most of the damage is battered roofs and downed trees. Our contacts in Orlando and Miami are not requesting any help so far. This may change as the hurricane season moves forward. It appears that the worst damage in Florida was in the Keys.

We are currently in correspondence with our contacts in Puerto Rico and Cuba about the weather damage there. Also, we have begun to reach our people about the recent earthquake in Mexico. We will have more updates soon.



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